Original Photography retrieved from unplash.com by Brad Hemlick @bradhelmink

Defined: incapable of being identified or recognized : not recognizable

Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Unrecognizable definition & meaning. Merriam-Webster. Retrieved December 8, 2022, from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unrecognizable
A cup empty
I poured the contents on this
Granite counter top.
Placed a hand in this
Convinced to flick
the remnants off my finger tips
Against the curtains.
Certain, there was purpose
In this.
It’s clear at first.
Clear as day.
A lack of coloration
Seems quite analog in a digital age.
Thus, sets the (stage or tone) for the whole room.
A curse.
It turns a certain
Shade of crimson red.
I gasp, 
No air to pull from; distorted
I’m dazed.
Lungs violently ponding
Tap, tapping
Against at my rib cage.
Lights fade,
Grayscale in the renaissance
The darkness draws me in
Foreshadowing the ambiance of a wicked spirit.
I cringe, 
the screech I expel
clings to my soul for relief.
I fade slowly
“Hold on to me
And never let go of me”
“Bum, bum” (knock)
“What’s that sound,” I say
“Bum, bum” (knock again)
“Oh wait, I hear it again,” I think.
Light breaks.
My eyes crack,
A transition from night to day.
I christen the floor
My shirt torn
And the sight I bore
I meant bare.
“What foreign landscape awaits,” I say,
It appears inescapable.
When lacking all reason to think straight.
Its like:
Why spectate to show face?
Approach the mirror
Can’t even see my face.
I hate that I take things, 
Replace them with more things,
I don’t need.
So that I feel like I’m living.
I did it,
I do again
And again
And again.
Until I’m here 
In a place unrecognizable.
Who am I?
That name I hardly know anymore.
Perhaps I do know you.
I mean, I think I do.
Yes, you seem quite familiar.
But I hardly remember.
You’re just

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