Photography retrieved from by Xan Griffin @xangriffin My Feng Shui's exhausted.Not quite red when I'm cautious.That yellow sector, Just means I’m guarded.All parts of me;Confined beyond a lock and keyIndefinitely.But;Should this be? I mean; seriously. If on the chop I’m watching all the marksTargeted,As often as possible. It’s less likely I’ll be sniped from... Continue Reading →

Gale of the Malestrom

Original photography retrieved from by JD Designs @jddesigns My absolutions unsettled like the gust of a maelstrom Against the sandstone.But, Where do we go? If not closed casket, I’ll barricade the pastLike a capstone.That headstone simply reminds Me of what your life holdsNothing;It's null and void just like those goalsYou fold under. Saturate the... Continue Reading →


Original Photography retrieved from by Brad Hemlick @bradhelmink Defined: incapable of being identified or recognized : not recognizableMerriam-Webster. (n.d.). Unrecognizable definition & meaning. Merriam-Webster. Retrieved December 8, 2022, from A cup emptyI poured the contents on thisGranite counter top.Alas;Placed a hand in thisMess,Convinced to flickthe remnants off my finger tipsAgainst the curtains.Certain, there... Continue Reading →

Monster in my Closet

Retrieved from by Adam Flockeman @gal8xies Theres a monster in my closet But who'd have known Since,No one knows that he wears clothes as I doHe conspires in silence. Is he conscious of it? Of course he owns those choices. Like black air forces They're common And apart of him.He loaths only those that... Continue Reading →

Chaos Theory

Original photography retrieved from by Joshua Fuller @joshuafuller If trust is given to those, Who deserve it.I should confess. I no longer trust A single soul that lingers Beneath this dome nor its corridors. I’ll continue to hold the door Though.Here, it’s open.Watch you Proceed as if permittedEntry.Oh s’cuse me, I beg your pardon.I’m... Continue Reading →

Road Trip

Original Photography retrieved from by Connor Wilkins @wilks_and_cookies Engage the pedal.Oh, that sound.That’s just the engine revving.Legs set,Arms checkDepress and accelerate. Twelve to three. That’s for safety reasons, Believe me it’s needed. I often skrrrt the edgeOf the curb When I loosen the grip, On the steering wheel. Try to remain focusedBut, often focus... Continue Reading →

Pandora’s Box (Ruins)

Original Photography retrieved from by Dominik Dancs @dodancs Caressing the accent marks.The creases bedazzled. Marble fittings along the hinges. A vintage pendant. A token, a symbol of mischief;Sins and Social politics, Empty rhetoric, The curses of the heretic. All hiddenBeneath the surface. You feel the tensions quickTo riseAgainst the sunrise.Surmise as if Christ rose... Continue Reading →

Trace the Lighting

Original photography retrieved from by Micah Tindell @micahtindell The sound of thunder shakes my Window pane,Again.And I think of you.This spark, A jolt of electricity Illuminates the night sky, like a Host of fireflies. Rips through me briskly. It’s simply, Magnetic How:Opposites attract at this exact moment. Yet, I’m drawn to you. Coincidentally. The... Continue Reading →

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