Original Photography retrieved from unplash.com by Brad Hemlick @bradhelmink Defined: incapable of being identified or recognized : not recognizableMerriam-Webster. (n.d.). Unrecognizable definition & meaning. Merriam-Webster. Retrieved December 8, 2022, from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unrecognizable A cup emptyI poured the contents on thisGranite counter top.Alas;Placed a hand in thisMess,Convinced to flickthe remnants off my finger tipsAgainst the curtains.Certain, there... Continue Reading →

Road Trip

Original Photography retrieved from Unsplash.com by Connor Wilkins @wilks_and_cookies Engage the pedal.Oh, that sound.That’s just the engine revving.Legs set,Arms checkDepress and accelerate. Twelve to three. That’s for safety reasons, Believe me it’s needed. I often skrrrt the edgeOf the curb When I loosen the grip, On the steering wheel. Try to remain focusedBut, often focus... Continue Reading →


Original Photography retrieved from unsplash.com by Anne Nygård @polarmermaid I'm looking for my home, have you seen it? It has four walls, but the roof is gone.  The truth is defined: by what lies behind the frontlines. Once the doors and the windows implode from the inside.  The exterior is slightly damaged, Or battered like war torn.  But, when the warmth pours outward. What’s sunk will... Continue Reading →

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