Gale of the Malestrom

Original photography retrieved from by JD Designs @jddesigns
My absolutions unsettled 
like the gust of a maelstrom
Against the sandstone.
Where do we go?
If not closed casket, 
I’ll barricade the past
Like a capstone.
That headstone simply reminds
Me of what your life holds
It's null and void just like those goals
You fold under.
Saturate the walls 
As if paints thrown,
With that nail gun you paid for
Simply put;
Fuck what you stand for.
I’ve learned the best kept secret is self preservation; 
And here
I’m marking all the angles.
Isosceles beyond geometry,
When two sides of equal length
There’s a line you might find
We will cling to;
If one needs to.
It’s like that common ground 
That holds us down
When ends don’t meet.
But we’re out of sync;
You’re out of touch
And I give no fuck.
For what!?!
Time after time I've tried.
Kindness is the crime that I pay for
Like free labor.
Emotions pattern behaviors.
Anger waivers drastically.
I tend to act irrationally
Not you but I dive
As if hands tied.
That head on collision
In hindsight I caused it
I get it.
But then it 
Hits me boom.
Subscriptions of premonitions
Uplift me.
Their gifted on delivery
Like a prime day deal.
Then the real lies phase commences. 
You know I realize that real lies
Are painted and printed
Handed to visitors
Those flyers at a bible convention.
It's off putting.
If I treat this like a business interest 
I’ve invested in it.
And you've captured my attention
So I'll give it.
Not your typical collection of pretty pictures.
You know the bitchs get it
Cause like a dog in heat
She's gonna cause a scene.
Well here's your actions
And I could easily blast
Uncased in 4k
what's done in the dark
May just be revealed.
Then again
I won't adhere to such tactics.
That's a waste of my happiness.
Traces of battery acid, outline the
The counters
And hand baskets.
So when you touch your face
That look will change
It exposes the ugly things
You long to bring.
Such a shame 
But it is what it is.
Your reign ends here

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