Monster in my Closet

Retrieved from by Adam Flockeman @gal8xies
Theres a monster in my closet 
But who'd have known
No one knows that he wears clothes as I do
He conspires in silence.
Is he conscious of it? 
Of course
he owns those choices.
Like black air forces
They're common
And apart of him.
He loaths only those that will oppose him.
Or seem to notice there's no stock in that cash crop.
That's a lost cause.
Does he hide behind desires
Like a lion in the pride.
Awaiting the chance to prey on the mild, or the weak.

A fire in eyes he spy's high but goes low. Till it's six feet deep. No ounce of medicine can reliquish this feeling of sickness his intentions malicious; and hidden
And I....
I hate him so
With every ounce of me I hate you to the fuckin core.
And if I could I would....
I would end; yes I'd kill this nemesis
No ounce of resistance or restraint
Could suppress
This rage I've contained
Though night and both day.
I'm ashamed
To say
I've allowed so much hold on
my soul
Cause only God knows
What I've gone through
How you’ve haunted my outhouse  
Like ju-on still my grudge it lingers
He preys on and upon
explunges that wholesomeness
That once was
Until not a bit of innocence exist within.
The fragments of sin lives here.
And again I could kill
Wipe the earth clean
A state of reprieve
Now confronts me.
I've accepted my fate
Dinned in at Satans couryard
Harvested the crucible for lucifer.
Some might think Ive sold my soul
For vengeance
I wish I did but didn't
Atlas this empty 
Feeling rips at me inside out
I have doubts constantly
Like is it worth it;
Well is it?
I mean revenge is the sweetest victory isn't it
No scratch that
I’m trippin
Over linen sheets
Floorboards unattended
It’s like the nail sticks in you know
Pricks me
Simply forced to relive
See, hear, sense this episode
But then, 
I’m compelled to remember I live here
And you have limited visitation
Fuck that
Today you vacate
No shelter in place
No write me that statement
I promise I’ve stated
Your time has been wasted
Now get the fuck out…
No monsters in doors
Sincerely yours 
The landlord

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