Nostalgic Memories

Original Photography by by Kelly Sikkema from @kellysikkema
My longing for the 
Feelings of the past
A sentiment.
Those were the days.
Trees of green. 
The scent of Irish springs lingers.
It permeates:
Old spice bear-glove.
That scent hugs me closely
Like a weighted blanket,
Or compression glove.
My spirit taken 
Uplifted tenfold
It hovers glides and
pirouettes as if pigeon toed.
I’m love struck again I know but
For the first time this seems real
for sure.
Our connection is delectable 
I mean acceptable. I can accept that it
Satisfies my hunger in more ways
Than just the physical.
You drive my mental stimulation into Overtime.
Your word play is rhythmic
Music without the baseline
An acrobatic drum-line.
Your thoughts move mountains from the Shadows. 
Which brought me out of
Like a vegetative state.
So while I sit and wait 
You know,
Play the game.
My memories will remain the same
That’s nostalgic.Those memories

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