Original photography produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. Retrieved from Unsplash.com @noaa
I used to cry about the heart-break
I once felt.
Content with anger this just
Turned into a ship wreck.
An iceberg ripped this hole into the side Panels.
I mean it shattered at the starboard.
From different angles.
Flooded out the interior.
And, drug my depth to despair.
It was death in a sense.
A soul lost,
And unforeseen.
I’m there again. 
The future looks grim.
I fell hard for another.
Yea, gaslighted again
I mean gassed out, you see the smokescreen.
Can’t see, eat, rest or even think straight.
I’m hit by it.
I’m like a burned tire.
Thrown high
Like a roadside casualty,
It’s just Another body.
I get the irony.
Yet It’s kinda strange.
And here I am always
sitting on my thought shit.
I don’t mean thot.
I mean I’m choking on my thoughts,
What the fuck is up. Do I deserve this? 
I mean I’ve given it my all,
I don’t deserve this.
It’s so absurd to think
I finally met the one.
And here again.
I might be sitting here the lonely boy.
With a hole in my chest.
A hallow cavity.
Empty vessel a fuckin calamity.
Allergic to damages beat up
The parts used 
And I’m fuckin confused by all of it.
But what can I do?
When I’m far too clueless
To make use of the Damages.

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