Price Match

Original photography retrieved from by Justin Lim @justinlim
I used to wonder was it worth it
Truth is;
It was.
There was a time when; 
It felt like, I deserved that purchase.
I’d saved for it.
Dropped every penny,
And dime
I had.
Foolishly blew my last;
Might add.
Aside from the price tag 
Nothing held me back.
Like a check cashed,
That white flag lay draped against
The head lamp.
That was my red flag.
I bought it like a Dido track.
Unwilling to surrender.
Blue stamp
Stood out like a lookout.
For a prison camp.
It was signed,
sealed and delivered.
My legal tender
The heart knows what it wants, right?
Of course.
I mean;
I guess not.
The lesser evil is returned to sender. 
Sometimes you don’t receive what you pay for.
I mean,
I could restock the shelves
or rummage the bargain bins,
Like the Goodwill.
Why settle for less, when more is less.
Unless the investments more than was originally invested.
The intent was good.
But, I guess, more is less
Without love.
Regret much?
Cause like buyers remorse;
Of course the best lessons
come through like a failed
text message would.
All the signs were there.
Until it’s no longer deliverable.
You gotta read between the lines.
Fine print is etched into the
sentence structure.
It’s measurable.
I mean the content is visible. 
Should have pressed on; and
Read a little more.
Dig deeper.
Now I’m assed out
Without a cash app in sight.
I’d swipe the credit card,
Like a dropped call.
My guards off, as if stuck in an arm bar.
The hard part.
Realizing, the more I
Settle the less I see the value.
Watched on as things changed like weather
I mean I tried to work around the 
Confound, like a person bound.
Put aside my needs.
There was purpose and a reason for it.
It was never enough for some.
I’m alone but alone is not a burden or a curse anymore.
Because I’ve learned what I deserve.
And now not a single asset nor 
Price tag can match that.
No Birkin bag
Can depreciate or devalue me.
Forget a price tag,
For what it’s worth,
Know your worth.
Here’s a price match.

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