The Burning Bridge

Original photography by Niko E.

I see the embers rolling in like a swift breeze over the ocean waves.
A flicker, a spark will illuminate the dark like a candle wick.

Call it the pyro in me that yearns for the energy to burn shit senselessly.
You brought fire to the battlefield and fanned the flames that spread heat to pasture.

You wanted war with me after years of peace and properity.

Nowadays I give you neither time of day nor energy. Your ideas are fiction based yet lie in history.

See the more we go forth in time and space, our paces change. Its a race against the clock because we’re not the same, our hearts estranged.
Change of course, like an unknown force that has altered our direction.
Here lies pressure and the buildup moves through us like a holy presence it’s god sent.

I used to love you once but look how feelings changed. Right now the fire spreading rapidly against the grain.

The popping’s music to my ear which comensurates the way the weight has shifted from my shoulders blades.

The crackling untamed flames still illuminate the atmosphere: it’s magical.
And as you race towards the forefront: evacuate.
You navigate the trenches of your life until we’re face to face for the last time.

My fearlessness built the bridge that drove us here.
It was a chance that you and I both were willing to take.

With so much at stake, at the time we had no way of knowing which roads we should take.

We took a scenic route to the courthouse and wed at dawn we were a unit, faction, team battling against the odds. But than like Judas you would kiss the cheek that showed you grace and now I’m gone let’s be clear theres nothing more I care to say.
Just watch and wait.

I pull the match from beneath the surface of my sleeve and strike against the pillar because what’s done is done, is done.

Our storys GMO it’s all unnecessary filler.

You set the wheels in motion now and so its crunch time. With very few fucks to give i’d rather watch the match tip strike once to witness the burning bridge.

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