The Northern Lights

Original photography by Jonatan Pie @r3dmax

Ever wonder why the northern lights illuminate a night sky under April showers?

She brought Summer under conditions of Winter.
Transition, from cold days to heat waves:
What Springs will sprout till it Falls from existence.

Translation; your rain clouds and sun-rays sustain life even when the void seems empty.
Your gift is a trancendence, beyond all recognition.
Every expression I mention, I feel it. My heart flutters from thoughts of you.

The high produced, a new kind: its awesome.
Now here Im awestruck as I vibe to,
Are you my version 2, or the real 1.0; who knows. I know that Im drawn to you like glue; and when separate its hard not to think of you.

I close my eyes and think of what if’s lost in time and space.
To race against the clock until my heart stops racing . I
get petrified when im next to you.
You and I; a vegetable.

Traumatized my eyes opened wide from the lights on display.
When you’re in my northern hemisphere.
Goddess of the dawn
“Aurora Borealis”
The Northern Lights.

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