I cried so loud it shook the bannisters. The chandelier swayed maniacally the click and clang of glassed bottles alarmed me

it’s not often the bounds of an earthquake can upset the subset of an intellect.

I mean: ego.

Oh wait, it’s ideology my apologies.

Pardon me

I’m tryna bargain here

Again and Again this grimace sets in

The grin fades from my facial features

eats at my soul extinguishing that glow,

you know the glimmer of hope we often hold on to

I know I know my days grow long and somber. All i’m left with are the thoughts in my head again and: again.

I see the images fade like days passed and again I ask dear lord why me?


now I see

When thinking of the smartest there was an ego. It weighed heavy on my intellect and the subset was an upset I’d later regret such an upset like upset stomach it’s slow to digest. A placebo at best

Thats a hard pill to swallow. They say a necessary evil.

To dumb it down I’ve been humbled now

that I’ve tucked my tail beneath me

was it easy. Let’s see

No not easy conveniently

It was needed.

A reason to breath comfortably is easy.

A reason to speak positively not so easy

while I am tired and my pride gives me reason to be me freely it’s easy.

Is it the mold i intend to fit or the stronghold i intend to fortify. I wanna build a fortress so high it can’t be breached by surfaces unattended. my temple shall be lifted neither wind nor tempest reach it.

i keep my reasons secret zipped up like closed lip padlocked and submerged within.

You can never see the bricks that crumble as long as theirs upkeep. My maintenance deserved as I move uncertain still to serve my purpose. What’s easy?

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