Alcoholic Breakup

I was very reluctant to post this. Because when written, I was in a much different place: mentally. However I’ve realized being resilient isn’t about faking the funk; while pushing through adversity. Sometimes it’s necessary to have those personal encounters with our own demons. Facing not only the good , the bad, but sometimes the ugly parts we want to keep dormant . So in keep with the tradition of being completely transparent. I give you my “Alcoholic breakup” I hope you enjoy -Derek-

She became this shot of Patrón in the morning on an empty stomach.

Lethal to the soul, when she rolls down my throat leaving me to quote why I don’t need her in my life.

I got problems man

and in this glass I’ve poured 99 but that bitch ain’t one.

But when 151 is a must she becomes all but one and that slow burn is an Aftershock, equivalent to Fireball on the rocks.

Bacardi please, well pardon me if I drown her ass in a bottle of absinthe cause common sense I lack.

See I’m slacking

But If she were absent from mind like those cards I’ve declined she’d be cash spent.

I’ve lost so much time with a why not, have not bitch with no patience.

Time wasted in this basement Jager leaks from my wouded patient.

Tears in my fifth drink, like

I’m so wasted

Drunk as fuck.

Face down, ass up

Slumped on the pavement: PAUSE.

I hate this shit.

Better yet I hate this bitch, as I reminisce over all of this,

Cause a hangover is a mutha fucker.

I can’t deal with the fake shit. Long island stains on my stainless. I dipped the barrel once just so I can calculate my shots on paper.

These horsemen got me thinking, drink and drown this pain away.

I was a ruler once,

in this beautiful garden

Aristocrat birthed in a world that was ours.

Her aura was hypnotiq in so many ways and I like a pawn I was a fool, in her game.

I kept graspin the concept Alizé was her constant

was it best to be honest

When there was no constant in her life.

To smear off the memories of smirnoff and Henny the night before was difficult.

I hit the shop like a crack spot,7

with those neon lights so bright it was captivating.

Moth to a flame shit.

I refuse this fate, and date with destiny.

I’ve seen how the liquor can kill a village

If you thought I’d live within this spell caged; Goose you loose.

Expect me to Watermelon Pucker up and kiss her ass well bitch I’ll pass.

I’ll sober up before my kidney’s collapse.

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