Trace the Lighting

Original photography retrieved from by Micah Tindell @micahtindell
The sound of thunder shakes my 
Window pane,
And I think of you.
This spark,
A jolt of electricity
Illuminates the night sky, like a
Host of fireflies.
Rips through me briskly. 
It’s simply,
Opposites attract at this exact moment.
Yet, I’m drawn to you.
The kinetics 
React combining compounds.
A unison of energies retract,
Choosing different routes and
I’m guessing.
There’s a lesson here.
Testing 1, 2..
How can I 
Love you,
When I
Don’t love myself?
In fact I barely know you.
Yet, long for you intensely.
It’s uncomfortable.
To hold on to the thought of
Knowing the points diverged,
At the crossroad
Sometime ago.
With the traces unclear. 
I have no idea which way to go.
No binos to find the path you travel down.
I’m split with
This tough decision.
Let it ride, or try and find a way
To you, right now.
Listen, now
Pipe down.
Because despite that 
I’m frightened.
The lighting strike advances closer
I’m choking on the smoke cloud this dirt mound produces.
Illusions keep me from moving
Closer to you.
A mirage which throws off
This montage of
You and I.
We or
It’s foolish
The lust.
This vagrant idea of love,
For what?
I’m stuck.
Yet, what can I do?
Be it trace the lighting or 
Ride the wave.
If this is fate,
We’ll meet again
One day.

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