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Beaten by whips and chains

Like a slave mentally drained

physically strained

As I lay in a pool of my own blood unable to move.

Broken and beaten

Beaten and bruised

What do I do to gain closeness to you, lord God?

Too many nights I’ve tried; crying inside. My sheets soaked beneath me 

Still I’m reaching for this reason to breath

I’m weakened. 

Seeking comfort under nothingness

I’ve struggled with: 

Lonely is the only concept I accept 

because it’s sincere 

It’s how I feel. 

No matter how unreal the pretense is, I fear; my words have fallen on death’s ear. 
When not an ounce of restlessness suppresses all unnecessary stress. Still, restless but compressed inside is every doubt and fear I want to hide. 

I’ve tried my route, time-out, closed mouth without a doubt. 

Door closed moreover 

night-night lights out. 

Yet wrong or right I’ve tried to fight 

and right now, I’m in fight or flight. 

All I can do is give it all to you. I give my hanging pain

the numbing sensation in my hands. Cause relief is all 

I’m seeking give me purpose and a reason please. 

My Escape it waits as I await a means to understand my place

It’s time. 

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