I cried so loud it shook the bannisters. The chandelier swayed maniacally the click and clang of glassed bottles alarmed me it’s not often the bounds of an earthquake can upset the subset of an intellect. I mean: ego. Oh wait, it’s ideology my apologies. Pardon me I’m tryna bargain here Again and Again this... Continue Reading →

The Journey

Original Photography by Clemens van Lay @https://unsplash.com/@clemensvanlay Confession We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life. But we can decide what happens in us  how we can take it, what we do with itand that is what counts in the end.” - Joseph Fort Newton – The day: June 20 this year. It was... Continue Reading →

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Original photography by Olav Ahrens Røtne https://unsplash.com/@olav_ahrens The Rubik's Theory “Sometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them; instead they require maturity to outgrow them.” -Steve Maraboli- I think about problems like Rubik’s cube. You have this three-dimensional puzzle in which the object: is to match all the levels with their corresponding colors. Theoretically, the idea... Continue Reading →

The Human Canvas

Original Photography by Klara Kulikovahttps://unsplash.com/@kkalerry Behind each brush stroke lies the basis of a masterpiece. An empty canvas is that of an artist hand-print. Line by line the divine guides mind to work, such as a craftman. To defy the average, A builder of things; the human canvas. Thus flesh is stretched upon a frame... Continue Reading →


Original Photography by John Salvino @ https://unsplash.com/jsalvino Beaten by whips and chains Like a slave mentally drained physically strained As I lay in a pool of my own blood unable to move. Broken and beaten Beaten and bruised What do I do to gain closeness to you, lord God? Too many nights I’ve tried; crying... Continue Reading →

The Stakes

Original Photo by Hu Chen @ https://unsplash.com/@huchenme They say what goes up must come down. I’ve reached the high-point now the downslope’s a fast descent. I’ve lost my footing. When life meets Everest, Annapurna, Kilimanjaro: the fall’s a problem. The flaws in us all are paper balls thrown recklessly toward tin cans. It’s that Rembrandt... Continue Reading →

Allegiance = Blind Loyalty

original photo by @oscartothekeysI'm supposed to be accustomed to trusting you; because: I love you. I mean I do because I want to; It's not a must that I do. But I don't know if this will last, because the hands of time bind us in this copious trance like state: a hopeless romance; they'd... Continue Reading →

Prison of the Mind

original image by Mitch Lensink @unsplash.com @lensinkmitchelIf convicted here's my written statement. I've taken time away from you and now my times been wasted. This cascade of faces rain down upon me like storm clouds chased and, So many traces of my spoken words, are lies; allegations. A supposed witnesses truth lack proof; fabrications. But... Continue Reading →

The Northern Lights

Ever wonder why the northern lights illuminate a night sky under April showers? She brought Summer under conditions of Winter. Transition, from cold days to heat waves: What Springs will sprout till it Falls from existence. Translation; your rain clouds and sun-rays sustain life even when the void seems empty. Your gift is a trancendence,... Continue Reading →

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