Nostalgic Memories

Original Photography by by Kelly Sikkema from @kellysikkema My longing for the Feelings of the past A sentiment. Those were the days. Trees of green. The scent of Irish springs lingers. No………It permeates: Old spice bear-glove.That scent hugs me closely Like a weighted blanket,Or compression glove. My spirit taken Uplifted tenfold It hovers glides... Continue Reading →

Price Match

Original photography retrieved from by Justin Lim @justinlim I used to wonder was it worth itTruth is;Yes:It was. There was a time when; It felt like, I deserved that purchase. I’d saved for it.Dropped every penny, Nickel And dimeI had. Foolishly blew my last;Might add.That. Aside from the price tag Nothing held me back.... Continue Reading →


Original Photography retrieved from by Rui Xu @fallsonata I left a stream of gasoline along the Trail. Every step taken left a print in the sand. Each trace is filled to the brim,It’s saturated. And with the fumes so dense, A single spark could engulf the Heavens in flames. Or; So I’d have you... Continue Reading →

Throwaway (Words Unspoken)

Original Photography by Dustin WoodhouseRetrieved from @dwoodhouse From the moment I wrote this,It seemed to be hopeless.Like makeup Though cased,It still fixes mistakes. I've come Face to face Safe to sayTrapped and replayed. I'm not here to confront you Just meet me half way. Time matters; With all the hours I've invested. With every... Continue Reading →


Original Photography from by Jisan Han @hanzlog He flew on delta,Soul left in spirit. Once;An image of corrected Imagery. The photo reel revealedTheir smiles, their faces. Aligned like files against columns; A hallmark moment.I mean why bother They’re neatly groomed,Remains exhumed. It’s the dead of night, To the untrained eye. And a red light... Continue Reading →

Haunted (Glass House)

Original Photography retrieved from by Spencer Tamichi @sktami “Self-care is how you take your power back” -Lalah Delia- With every step taken, the sounds emit sound waves. The wind chill split ends, and chap skin. An unknown force triggers the stiffening of Hair, Along, the contour of the neck. Goosebumps spread like chilblains. An... Continue Reading →

Beneath the Deep

Original Photography retrieved from by Jeremy Bishop @jeremybishop I need peace and serenity. Not vanity mirrors andSmoke screens, to move me. The Façade can be seen through.It’s luminescence reeks of booze and mood swings. Foolishly hiding behind bodies like Linemen. When binds tighten they suffocate.They pull me beneath the undertow like dead weight. Am... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Disaster

Original Photography retrieved from by Landon Parenteau @landonparenteau The baseline rumbles, On the edge of the jungle. The impact of war waged sways,As rage pulsates.It sends shockwaves, Along the edge of the ravine;One way.As parts lie empty. Bouncing from the silhouette of the mountain’s top. Against the stratosphere. It’s shakes the atmosphere.The yells and... Continue Reading →


Original Photography retrieved from by Andreas Dress @andreasdress Intro "We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched." -Ellen Goodman- On 1 January each year, we all want to start something new. It appears a universal trend, the New... Continue Reading →

Russian Roulette

Original photography retrieved from by Thomas Def @thdef My head game is superficial at best: It'll blow your mind or ease your high. I’ve had some awkward thoughts occur to me. You see; to me: They seem unearthly, Yet: In the midst of it all, I think I’m strong. That’s what I tell myself,... Continue Reading →

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