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Words are the one true power we all possess; one that is often overlooked, misguided and taken for granted. We leave remnants of our self within each sentence and each phrase; as we speak of feelings, write our thoughts, and send our text of awe and disbelief. Not every handwritten letter triggers heartfelt memories we can never forget. Words can heal, hinder, hurt, destroy. They mold opinions and shape thoughts.

dear john letters only lead to confusion and a number of unanswered questions. What follows are our attempts to let go move on and close the gaps that have altered our lives. But over time what we gain is a renewed sense of who we are and who we’d like to be. By sharing my story I hope you can too. This is for those who’ve been hurt, broken, and uncertain of things to come. This is anyone who has been picked on, belittled or taken for granted.

The topics in dear_johnson aren’t just my stories. These are the stories we all can relate to. This is a life far too many of us are affected by yet very few openly discuss. We all experienced trial by fire the only way to escape it is to extinguish the flames.

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