My Feng Shui's exhausted.
Not quite red when I'm cautious.
That yellow sector,
Just means I’m guarded.
All parts of me;
Confined beyond a lock and key
Should this be?
I mean; seriously.
If on the chop
I’m watching all the marks
As often as possible.
It’s less likely I’ll be sniped
from the rooftop by
They hide while camping.
Waiting for the opportunity to
That’s a strategy,
Like fortnight,
I’m mid-flight.
But, I digress.
We’re squad deep. 
Psyche, it’s all me,
Shit, I’m lying
To myself
Because I’ve done this so well
In the past.
Impressions are the general settings
In the scheme of it all,
That's a tone set.
Now that my reasons confirmed,
I’m more inclined to listen.
And, I mean truly
You can’t retract who you are
Once we’ve witnessed it.
A change of opinion
Once set
Its hard to regress.
That’s Evident.
Or evidence.
Gavel drop that’s a
Case closed,
I could go on and on:
On who fault lies with;
That’s senseless.
Too many vulture 
Existing in the present
Who pick the carcass.
All parts left clean.
Remains digested
And excreted.
I’m not faultless myself
I did it.
But then reminders
Are like insurance binders.
They’re locked to the driver.
I’ve failed a thousand times
And will some more
But the taste of victory
Is sweetener than the core of a honey dew
With a hint of cinnamon.
Those aspirations
Can take us places,
If we trust the process.
Although, I wear feelings
As a sense of pride
I’d sooner die than pout
Or lash out.
If I blow a gasket 
Who eats the damages?
Me or
Thats a hardship
Waiting to happen
Petty, I’m above it
I’m on my final lap like kip 
On a race track.
Rural legend
With a subtle message.
Trials are but an
Intangibility which determines
Ones ability.
What a testimony?!?
That's a triumph at all cost.
And I strive for my victory.

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