Road Trip

Original Photography retrieved from by Connor Wilkins @wilks_and_cookies
Engage the pedal.
Oh, that sound.
That’s just the engine revving.
Legs set,
Arms check
Depress and accelerate.
Twelve to three. 
That’s for safety reasons,
Believe me it’s needed.
I often skrrrt the edge
Of the curb
When I loosen the grip,
On the steering wheel.
Try to remain focused
But, often focus has its moments
You know,
It’s shifting gears.
I guess I wanna endear the ivory and the oak trees for once.
But distractions get us nowhere faster.
Like when I drive past
That’s just another sight seen.
I mean.
Reasonably speaking
If you’re like me,
It’s likely you’ll pull over.
Manipulate the aperture and the focus,
Carpe Diem just to,
Sieze the moment.
Only to reminisce over the images
Like a gift that’s in the present.
But a presence felt
Means that presence left.
That’s past tense
Or has been
Like last year.
Plenty more imagery to see 
Through this windshield.
It’s clear out
I bet those Ray Bans will
Obstruct the sun rays.
That glare;
It’s blinding you.
Head straight forward.
Keep those eyes on the road,
If you know what’s good for ya.
And if u need a reminder,
There’s the rear view.
Take a look at what you’ve gone through.
Like failure that’s what you left behind
For good reason.
Now, if in doubt confess.
We seek to find ourself;
The test,
How will we navigate
This tumultuous terrain,
And make it to the promise land,
This hidden place,
Far away from everything,
We’re familiar with.
If you wanna know
On green,
Just go.
The goal is to cruise
At a cool 70 along the way.
That way you can take in the scenery
Sip it like a Tahitian martini,
Enjoy atonement.
You’ve taken it in slowly.
Believe me this excursions
The destination unknown. 
I know not where we go,
Yet seldom consider the pit stops
We take along the road,
While enroute to the end route,
The detours.
Look at what happens 
when the GPS reroutes.
Please don't freak out.
But things change 
The routes we hoped
We'd take may not
Be the best way to get to
our destination.
Face it.
There's no dead end
When its sequential like a trilogy.
Sometimes the obstacles
Make the commute worthwhile.
That's the purpose of the trip
Were on now.
Another journey.
The road trip.

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