The Morgue (Catacombs)

Original Photography retrieved from by Ante Samarzija @antesamarzija
This ain’t the sorta 
Casket I was looking for.
And in my wake
I’m awake once more
As if never gone.
Dearly departed 
We gather here to…
What is this Lord?
I mean, I have closed the door
Just to sort emotions out.
I had my doubts. 
Forced to shout them out
As if devout
By nature.
I have faked it.
Called your name in vain
As if Blank statements
We’re a thing.
And Now it rains here each and everyday
This sunken place.
Morbid and 
Leisure-less as if life’s a lesson
Separate from some random blessing.
It it hell bent set
To Release the reckoning
On my failed attempts at ministering.
I’d give my all to live again 
But here I am.
No fraction and no innocence
Hence why denizens proceed to haunt me for The shit I did.
My life it will no longer 
See an ounce of light again
If shadows rule my darkest sins.

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