Original Photography by retrieved from by Tom Pumford @tompumford
There’s something missing.
An empty feeling persists.
It blinds me,
Unwilling to see
Or hear shit.
I’m finding,
No matter the reasons,
I’m bleeding.
This hemorrhage
Is filling my lungs
To the tip of the spear.
This is it
I’m dying.
nothing has changed.
It remains the same.
Will I continue to stand in the rain
Day after day
Without an unbrella or
Rain jacket to shield the torment.
No sorbet to soak up
My fuck ups.
Silencing my self again.
Co-signing on things I have
Yet to experience.
Suspicions have risen again.
I’m destroying it all before it has
A chance to begin.
And then.
My light source.
The world around me departs from this Outpost.
Yes, splits from end to end.
Life lost.
How can I survive?
When I have tried
Time after time.
I’m fine. 
That’s what I keep telling myself.
But when all the contents drain to the Outside
Like a shattered chem light
what’s left will be exposed
And the whole world shall
Know my sorrow.

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