Original Photography retrieved from by Rui Xu @fallsonata
I left a stream of gasoline along the 
Every step taken left a print in the sand.
Each trace is filled to the brim,
It’s saturated.
And with the fumes so dense,
A single spark could engulf the
Heavens in flames.
So I’d have you to think.
Those are my tactics, you know? 
To ward off the morons
I’ve sworn off.
You know positivity has its perks;
For sure.
But I’m a realest
Though , my views pure in theory.
That’s far from perfect.
I mean really.
So again, fuck friendly. 
My kindness, often taken
For granted, anyways.
And, in the worst way possible.
We went from burning bridges 
To mending fences.
Exploiting expenses, just to fix
The build up of heat intense,
its insane.
So even on the worst days
I feel it reverberate.
Ever felt, that stumbling 
Trying not to regurgitate
last night's leftovers.
Feeling, drunk
Sober, and
I mean, how was I supposed to
take it?
Being drawn to the fake shit
When abused hypocrisy is
Like an ongoing apology.
It’s cool
Heavenly Father please forgive them for they know not what they do.
I’ve placed my hand on the stove 
before; only to know what’s in store.
But now I have a gentle grip on the oven mitt. So now as the heat passes
I circumvent.
No longer a hit or miss.
I’m gifted
and driven
If not by libra scale
I’d endure hell.
Trust the process.
Compressed air swells
The exterior bulges.
A bludgeon object leads
To blunt force trauma.
If not the haunting
I’m conjuring
Hence why to exorcise restraint
Is to open a door.
A gateway which culminates opposing forces
Forcing another to submit
And risk the consequence.
A burnt hand un-bandaged 
But I’ll manage.
Cause with the gauntlet close
to my chest
To over come the rest
Is recovery to a stress fracture.
Enduring back spasms
A life time of pain felt from that
train wreck disaster.
We live and we learn.
New birth from the ashes
Scorched earth paves way for rebirth
My birthright is archival
And this is a revival.

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