Throwaway (Words Unspoken)

Original Photography by Dustin Woodhouse
Retrieved from @dwoodhouse
From the moment I wrote this,
It seemed to be hopeless.
Like makeup
Though cased,
It still fixes mistakes.
I've come 
Face to face
Safe to say
Trapped and replayed.
I'm not here to confront you 
Just meet me half way.
Time matters;
With all the hours
I've invested.
With every lesson gained 
from this.
It’s changed the course
Of my direction.
You were so perfect.
The way you showed your imperfections
But now, the more I know,
The more I grow.
Time changed the things we’d 
To the way we’d think.
And the way I feel and live 
With each and
I Get it?
So when orchids die, wither 
And leaves love diminished.
I swore when I proposed,
I’d hold on and uplift you.
But soon with transition 
Fuck you I'm ending this
Fuck that chick
Roadside pick
Yea; I'm done with this shit.
I have to wonder 
Was it all for nothing
Cause somethings rumbling
From deep within.
Every argument leads to
A hypnotic binge.
My hearts heavy 
And the weight
Of the world has shifted,
From shoulders to my
You tried to bag and drag 
The rubble to
Garbage bin, trash it.
Throwaway the ways,
You led my world astray.
I never thought that I would see the day. 
I’ll just take the stuff I had
Bag it up
There’s nothing more to say.
Still with my pride in intact 
Without a second thought.
I will tie it up,
And throw it all away.
There’s nothing more to say.

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