The Beautiful Disaster

Original Photography retrieved from by Landon Parenteau @landonparenteau
The baseline rumbles, 
On the edge of the jungle.
The impact of war waged sways,
As rage pulsates.
It sends shockwaves,
Along the edge of the ravine;
One way.
As parts lie empty.
Bouncing from the silhouette 
of the mountain’s top.
Against the stratosphere.
It’s shakes the atmosphere.
The yells and screams are fragments that leave arms pent
They flail against the wind.
The sounds of drum and 
cymbal, mimic gun sounds.
Tossing round after round.
They tremble against the background,
The backdrop serves as stage prop.
It fades into the skybox.
As with the setting sun.
Mines lie hidden beneath the grass 
No gun fire, no shots gun blast
To surround the compound,
Of the battlegrounds.
A quiver, a shake
that ripples along the corridors
of the morgue.
But no chaos ensues against the moor.
There’s no roar against the floors of the uncultivated land.
It’s boxed in. 
Labeled fragile,
Like glass encased.
It’s encapsulated.
I mean; even up equals down
Although I’m high as a plane.
I’ve reached an all time low.
The glow I once possessed,
For reasons other than my own.
Still humility flourishes for the sake of it. 
But, how much more must I take of this.
Shall I continue to take this shit.
On set rehearse my skit;
Feels like I’m made for this.
how I feel so empty within.
So when it clears out 
Seems like it’s clear out
It shines like crystal.
But if clouds part ways
Oh dear
What’s left will be revealed.
I choose the wrong friends, 
Too many loose ends;
Leave the laces frayed at the edges.
Companionship is like a date with abandonment issues
there unsettled.
It’s like a drought, without
A chance of rain in sight.
But a gift comes in many forms. 
To many rigid bones leave
The coffin’s contents exposed.
Should I sell my soul to have my dreams unfold
Life is like an exclamation
Surprises are inevitable.
One that violently animates a beautiful
Beyond disaster 
Lies beauty to match it.
The beautiful disaster.

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