Russian Roulette

Original photography retrieved from by Thomas Def @thdef

My head game is superficial at best:

It’ll blow your mind or

ease your high.

I’ve had some awkward thoughts occur to me.

You see;

to me:

They seem unearthly,


In the midst of it all,

I think I’m strong.

That’s what I tell

myself, in fact.

Not quite there though.

It’s like:

the chambers lodged.

Still locked and loaded,

It’s ready to go at any moment.

The details elaborate.

It’s eloquently etched into the


Still fully bandaged;

Like footage salvaged.

It’s another scene to objectify ones frailty.

So when the squeeze of the devils eag.

I mean desert eagle

is the lesser evil.

That’s 1/6 the cost to a life gone.

The revolver plays a different jingle.


That metallic ring lingers.


But if I pull the trigger.


That’s another chance taken

Jamaican dance

Ettu’s what I dance to

Cause with each click there’s a flinch


Better yet a glimpse of:


Why take the chance:


The final unveiling and boom;

Cause you never know if you’ll make it.

Just like a rape kit it’s too soon to tell.

It’s never a good thing to put your hands on the cannon.

When you mind lacks a means to express your sadness.

You wanna compensate for a headache

I get it.

Can’t fake the end state


Too easy to fold under the goal of reason when a purpose is certain to take precedence under all evidence presented.


is temporary but precious.

Yet, to value less through our wrecklessness is like medicine

at best

That sugar pill;

It’s a Placebo at rest, I guess.

The grips lethal

it can settle the crowd to a deaf mute.

It’s just you and the thoughts

As they pulsate

A ricochet


Glock to the temple, resting bitch face.

So when you lift and shift aim the

nipples stiffen

That’s a hard thing.

This inability to rest is stressful so let’s press the issue.

Boxed tissue at your headboard

it’s prophecy

like air from a pillow.

A flat sheet matted like Brillo

Ams crossed

Heart stopped get the message.

Now take a second.

The mistakes you make today

Are traced in history.

But unlike battle rap there’s no chance to Errrruuhhhuuuhuuurrrtt!

Run that back.

Think about it.

Now let’s talk about it.

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