The Stakes

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They say what goes up must come down. I’ve reached the high-point now the downslope’s a fast descent. I’ve lost my footing. When life meets Everest,


Kilimanjaro: the fall’s a problem.

The flaws in us all are paper balls thrown recklessly toward tin cans. It’s that Rembrandt I brush with

carelessly neglecting the hotspots in my dry mouth: when once I thought my life had stopped. No not stopped Its just been put on hold.

I’m winded, feeling empty.

Holding back years of tears; once again.

I fear everything falling apart from the root of it all. The seams gone. Its like my conscious is gone?

My God.


Have I


I’ve grown tired of aches and pain

The ringing in my ears leaves my soul screaming from the inside out; and when doubt crosses back like a lash from the whip; I go limp; I loose feeling

Your hold over me has taken its toll it’s grown old. I grow cold, when paresthesia sets in; loose focus and crumble beneath the rubble; but not this time. No




The constant condemnation of my ways have changed me in ways I’ve dreamt of. These frail bones have calcified to solidify the foundation that I made for myself. I’m impatient. Pacing I’m waiting for the day when we can sever the ties. Ive felt hate and anger each day when I think of the end;

but life goes on. Its harder to love. So when the ropes gone, not a ledge to cling to. I move on, my souls free to soar. To the heaven that made you.

I know the stakes are high, but I am alive for the sunrise. I’m living For me

The Stakes

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