Allegiance = Blind Loyalty

original photo by @oscartothekeys

I’m supposed to be accustomed to trusting you; because:


I mean I do because I want to; It’s not a must that I do.

But I don’t know if this will last, because the hands of time bind us in this copious trance like state: a hopeless romance; they’d say

Where love = life and our lives intertwine like cross stitched fabric.

It’s artistically written like a star in the sky.

And you saying hi
Was a script to a masterpiece; something classic

My mind’s at ease. Every waking second spent guessing
when I’ll be next to you again,

and again

and again:

Because my life seems empty when I’m not with you. I guess it hit me; and I caught you

this bug called love like a cold I spread it

You know these flu like symptoms leave me senseless; a victim of my own mind.

My thoughts lost in the stars. I daydream.

The effort craves restlessness. I sleep too little to expect this shit to fade away like the backdrop in the opening act

Your presentation was a godsend like heaven sent I’m dressed to impress for it.

Fully clothed my blindfold lingers. another string hangs like a chain from the ceiling: better yet a rope.

I’d rather just watch it dangle. Because at this angle; I’m standing its clothsline like blinds closed.

I see nothing anymore
no you, nor us.

compliment my logic of reason.

There was a time I was blind until I forfeit allegiance

Now it’s in the box by your feet. Here take it I’m leaving.

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