I’ve been waiting for a long time from my domicile,

confined to a mine full of land mines.

Light as a feather the sweat of forever- after lingering on the ripples of my forehead. Tip toeing on the everlasting of tragedy. The magic is a mastery; a masterpiece

The thought of seeing you through steel bars and dark spaces pacing aimlessly.

Waiting for the opportunity to undo this eulogy is unforeseen. Its time wasted

Because the dead is not living and even though thoughts of you are thoughts wasted, I can’t help but think what could have been. I used to dream of a time when I could provide a life in a fairy tale. When bells would ring endlessly sending a tender note to the ears of the listening. The very mention of our names conveniently reasonable.

We were ideal in most cases, and the love we shared was as serene as a rose bud blossoming on a summer’s eve. Backtrack to the first of spring.


I think of you often but a life shared is not bargained its compromised, and I was selfish. I can tell that the stress wasn’t helping between each lesson, and like a student I didn’t get it, but I never asked questions; I just assumed I had the answers. Now and forever I still seem selfish in my nature; for basic demonstrations of statements say you miss me. Yet you grow distant each day. Try, try as I might to repair the damages the scars are too great to replace the surfaces. Internal burden leaves bruises on organs this damage is irreversible.


I’ve been waiting for a long time from my domicile. Confined to a mine full of land mines. Light as a feather the sweat of forever after lingering on the ripples of my forehead tip toeing on the everlasting of tragedy. I used to dream of a time where endless was written on pages; a brazen display of happiness once held. Yet I see you’ve moved on and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be everything that you needed from me. Those times I didn’t offer. I’m sorry for the lack of understanding and my constant demands. I’m sorry for never giving that fairy tale ending; because each ending has proven a new beginning. Yet your beginning begins in the arms of another. I wish you well in the buildings of a new foundation mounting the staples of a perfect picture. Nailing the trimmings in a vision of corrected imaging. Removing the conflict of incision from my past iniquities. I hope the best for your success in this endeavor. I hope the lighter the feather and better the weather through storms you survive


I’ve survived a lifetime frozen in time only to find the hurt and burden of a thousand words left unspoken. The focus was chosen left for only you. And you should have been my focus, yet I chose to expose a souless,

focused on the emotions which were bound and frozen; a corpse.

It’s crazy how lazy and incompetent, or heartless. Yet this is who I would grow to be. I’m rambling again.

I led your heart to hurt yet time would un-thaw only to set you free.

Free of sorrow through hurt and despair you’ve overcome it all to emerge from the Phoenix’s ash only to crash into love again like a wave at the break. I wish you farewell, I bid you adieu and I’m sorry. I will always love you but it’s only fair I tell you goodbye.

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