Cross my T’s and Dot my I’s

@ dearjohnson

My mind wanders often.

This concoction of a Molotov cocktail; one-part napalm is the thoughts pulsing, rippling through a bottle; unfalteted.

Add one-part Pennzoil; lightly shaken not stirred mix emotions: left to roll and coast in.

Cap it off lightly fumed with an alcohol-infused robust fabric that’s the actions, and words run rampant; like a savage roaming at the heart of the motherland.

Heat is the prospect of an object unseen. It’s what raises temperatures by 30 degrees. It’s the volatility that disperses on contact with the subject.

This eversion of submersion in its time frame or mind framed: picture on the canopy is what now lies in me.

You see the images traveling the white-walled surface projected in HD express me happily.

Tears of laughter at a fraction of my misery; but behind the curtains lie a burden burned severely.

Fear of the unknown is the devil’s threshold, and if words could kill, you’d be dust and bones, but I compose myself like a G.

Not a gangsta but a gentleman but innocence doth not lie in me, trust that.

My trust can go beyond belief as I separate my fiction from the facts, and I could discuss the need to bust gats and pop nines like a rap line. I mean rap verse. Develop a timeline of your lifeline but why bother. You’re not worth this change of person; that shows you’ve altered me; characteristically and this lesson is history.

I’m leaving every fragment in the past like 9-11 when those planes crashed. Since those years hath passed. I think it’s in destiny to invest in me. Rebuild a new foundation from the surface that possesses me. Lord hold on to my core like a spinal cord. My foundation shifts volumes through my vocal cords. He’s declared war on my soul, but my life is not yours.

To the one, I love and carried to the alter I gave this heart shaped promise. Through sickness, and in health. Till death do us part. So even when our hearts do part and separate to go their separate ways. I’ll take from it the good things with none of the bad. This will remain in the past as our paths move forward.

To the ones I love and left at home, you showed love is like a vowel something no word goes without. These are the real MPVs on my team. There are those who took time to invest in me effortlessly. Whom complete me like a punctuation at the end of every spoken statement.

So, here’s my statement

I’m checking boxes, line by line to cross my Ts and dot my I’s

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