A Horse with Blinders

Here’s my analogy. There are points in this game where the main antagonist must mount his horse. His travels take him across the map in order to venture to the next location and tackle another mission. This horse wears blinders which inhibit his view of the world around. His vision is tailored to the trail he must travel to reach the hero’s destination with ease; one might think. Imagine this hero as the passion that drives us to move. However, we aren’t going anywhere without the action that is represented by the horse; which heeds to our commands. Just like any independent thinker sometimes the horse does as he pleases. Acting on his own accord. Yet it’s often best if drive and action work in unison like a marriage; a union between body, mind, heart, and soul. Across this world lies monsters and at any time they are prone to attack. This presents an obstacle. They seek to destroy him along with his noble steed. This hero can fend off monsters effortlessly, but this horse’s vision is altered, as he is only able to see what lies ahead. The horse is no more predator than You or I. There are real things that spark fear; which may discourage the stead from pushing forward. No man dies without a fight but if this battle scared warrior should ever succumb to defeat how might a horse defend himself when he is sheltered by blinders; that stunt his view from various angles. As opposed to what purely lies ahead.

Tunnel vision

              Insecurities, how many of us look at faults in others before seeing the faults that lie in ourselves. How many of us allow fear to dominate our lives? Although fear isn’t inherently wicked it can steer our view towards evil. Distracting us from all the good that lies around us. It isn’t always clear. What path is always free from debris and wreckage? It’s up to us to find new creative ways to overcome those obstacles. After all God will never put on us more than we can handle. This is a lesson in the making like a ship at bay. Imagine 31 years and anchored. What if I told you the bad, we often see is that of our own making? This bad has the potential to destroy everything we’ve sought to produce. All that is or once was fruitful becomes a fruitless wash in the ravine, as we lie in a pool of our own misery. So here I am, sitting in a mess of my own creation. I’ve been that horse for most of my life, and just when I thought I’ve overcome all obstacles that might come my way another arises; one more catastrophic than the last. So, what now lies before me is a barrier in the form of a fortress. Without cannon fire I feel I’m at the weakest point I’ve ever been but just as the Rome would fall. This fortress can be decimated. It just requires the will to find the weakest point of exposure in order to destroy it. Tunnel vision defective sight to which objects cannot be seen if not close to the center field of view. I’ve subjected myself to this way of visualizing the world. This has caused me to lose sight of the good around me again for 31 yrs. It has presented an obstacle that may have caused me the last 8 years of my life. But the damage it dwells deeper than the deepest sea. It festers throughout the fibers: the pours of my skin and flesh. It has appeared to expose evil things and wicked doings. It has tackled me mentally armed to tormenting my insecurities. Its effects on me are deeply rooted weeds amongst all of this fruit. It continues to be an obstacle. But what I didn’t realize is there are options. It’s important to know that once you take off the blinders you really are permitted a means to see a world at full view. Why stop at Standard definition when HD and 4K retina screens are the next best thing.

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